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07. Tawheed Asma was-sifaat (Names & Attributes)

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Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

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Maintaining the Unity of Allaah’s Names and Attributes

This category of tawheed has five main aspects:

#1: Allaah must be referred to according to how He and His Prophet (PBUH) have described Him, without explaining away His names and attributes by giving them meanings other than their obvious meaning. For example, in the Qur’aan Allaah says that He gets angry with the disbelievers and the hypocrites

(Quran. Al Fath 48:6)

and that He may Punish the Munâfiqûn (hypocrites), men and women, and also the Mushrikûn men and women, who think evil thoughts about Allâh, for them is a disgraceful torment, and the Anger of Allâh is upon them…

Thus, anger is one of God’s attributes. It is incorrect to say that His “anger” must really mean His “punishment”, since anger is a sign of weakness in man that does not befit Allaah. What Allaah has stated should be accepted, with the qualification that His anger is not like human anger. Allaah’s attributes are different from those of men.

(Quran. ash-Shooraa 42:11)

“There is nothing like him”

#2: Don’t give Him any new names or attributes. For example, Allaah may not be given the name al-Ghaadib (the angry one), in spite of the fact that He has said that He gets angry, because neither Allaah nor His messenger has used this name. Who can describe God better than Himself?

Nobody likes to be called by a name other than his. And, we don’t like demeaning attributes. Human imagination can run wild, and may give new names to God, or wrong attributes to Him. Examples: an-Naasir and ar-Rasheed. The meanings are good, but we have no right to call God by these names

#3: Don’t give Allaah the attributes of His creation. We get tired, and can’t manage too many tasks. Dont think that God too gets tired [Bible. Genesis 2:2], or He needs assisstants to take care of tasks.

(Quran. ash-Shooraa 42:11)

“There is nothing at all like Him, and He is theAll-Hearer, the All-Seer”

The attributes of hearing and seeing are among human attributes, but when they are attributed to Allaah they are without comparison in their
perfection. He doesn’t need eyes and ears to see and hear.

#4: Don’t give the attributes of creations to Allaah. Creator IS NOT EQUAL TO Creation

Most Shi‘ite sects (with the exception of the Zaidites of Yemen) have given their “ imams” divine attributes of absolute infallibility, knowledge of the past, the future and the unseen, the ability to change destiny and control over the atoms of creation. In so doing they set up rivals who share God’s unique attributes and who, in fact, become gods besides Allaah. Some quotes which elevate the ranks of “Imams” to God are given below:

“We believe that, like the prophet, an Imam must be infallible, that is to say incapable of making errors or doing wrong, either inwardly or outwardly, from his birth to his death, either intentionally or unintentionally, because the Imams are the preservers of Islam and it is under their protection.” [Faith of Shi‘a Islam, 2nd ed. 1983, p.32]

“Certainly the Imam has a dignified station, a lofty rank, a creational caliphate, and sovereignty and mastery over all atoms of creation.” (Aayatullaah Musavi al-Khomeini, al-Hukoomah al-Islaameeyah, Beirut: at-Talee‘ah Press, Arabic ed., 1979, p.52)

#5: Allaah’s names in the definite form cannot be given to His creation unless preceded by the prefix ‘Abd meaning “slave of” or “servant of.”

Indefinite forms like Ra’oof and Raheem are allowable names [See Quran 9:128]. But ar-Ra’oof (the One Most Full of Pity) and ar-Raheem (the Most Merciful) can only be used to refer to men if they are preceded by ‘Abd as in ‘Abdur-Ra’oof or ‘Abdur-Raheem, since in the definite form they represent a level of perfection which only belongs to God

Names like ‘Abdur-Rasool (slave of the messenger), ‘Abdun-Nabee (slave of the Prophet), ‘Abdul-Husayn (slave of Husayn), etc., where people name themselves slaves to other than Allaah are also forbidden

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