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21. Shirk in Ruboobiyyah

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Shirk can manifest in each of the three categories of Tawheed: Ruboobiyah, Asmaa was-Sifaat & Uloohiyya (‘Ibaadah)

Two Sub-types of Shirk in Ruboobiyah

This category of shirk refers to either the belief that others share Allaah’s lordship over creation as His equal or near equal, or to the belief that there exists no lord over creation at all

1. Shirk by Association: Beliefs that exemplify shirk by association are ones in which a main God or Supreme Being over creation is recognized, though His dominion is shared by other lesser gods, spirits, mortals, heavenly bodies or earthly objects


  • Trinity in Christianity (Jesus judges the world, and Holy Spirit helps & guides Christians)
  • Trinity in Hinduism (Brahma: Creator, Shiva: Destroyer and Vishnu: Preserver)
  • Sufis among Muslims’ faith: Unseen men, whose chief occupies the station called Qutub, gather every Thursday night in the 3rd heaven. They decide what’s going to happen in the world. They distribute the blessings of Allah [as if God coul

2. Shirk by Negation: Represents the various philosophies and ideologies which deny the existence of God either explicitly or implicitly

Atheism: No God exists. Others include Hinayana Buddhism, Communism, Darwinism, & Social scientists. In Jainism & Confucianism, there is no God, but liberated souls achieve something of God’s status [immortality…]

Pantheism: Pantheism (Greek: pan = all and theos = God), is the view that everything is part of an all-encompassing immanent God. In pantheism the Universe (Nature) and God are equivalent. “All is Allah, and Allah is all” – Ibn Arabee. wahdatul-wujood (there is only one real existence which is Allaah). They deny the separate identity of Allah and thereby deny His existence. Dutch Jewish philosopher, Baruch Spinoza, claimed that God is the total of all parts of the universe including man

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Written by S Ibrahim

Feb 8, 2010 at 12:37 am

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