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31. Omens, Knowledge of future

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Definition of Omen: a circumstance, phenomenon, etc that is regarded as a sign of a future event, either good or evil. A phenomenon supposed to portend good or evil

The creation, maintenance and eventual destruction of the universe and its contents are by Allah’s command, and both good and bad occur according to Allah’s will. However, man has always wondered “Is there any way of knowing before hand whether good times or bad times are coming?” For, if there is a way of knowing ahead of time, misfortune could then be avoided and success could be ensured.

Pre-Islamic Arabs used to consider the direction in which birds and animals moved to be a sign of impeding good or bad fortune and would plan their lives around such signs. The practice of reading good and bad omens in bird and animal movements was referred to as Tiyarah

Prophet said “Whoever does Tiyarah, or has it done for himself, … is not one of us” (Tirmidhee). That means, he is not a Muslim.

Abdullaah ibn ‘Amr ibn al ‘Aas reported that the Prophet (PBUH) said,”Whoever is prevented from doing something by Tiyarah, has committed shirk.” The companions asked, “What is its atonement?” He replied, “Say: ‘Allaahumma laa khayra illaa khayruk wa laa Tayra illaa Tayruk wa laa elaaha ghayruk.’ (‘Oh Allah, there is no good except Your good, nor birds except Yours, and there is no god beside You’).”  (Collected by Ahmed and at-Tabaraanee)

There are many forms of Omens: Black cats, knock on wood, Friday the 13th, etc

In Islam, only Allah has absolute knowledge of everything and knows the secrets of tomorrow. Allah does not reveal the secret of tomorrow to any man except His prophets, as needed.

(Quran Sura al-Jinn 72:26-27)

26. “(He Alone) the All-Knower of the Ghaa’ib (unseen) and He reveals to none his Ghaa’ib (unseen).”

27. except to a Messenger (from mankind) whom He has chosen (Allaah informs him of unseen as much as He likes), and Then He makes a band of watching guards (angels) to march before him and behind him.

(Quran Sura Luqman 31:34)

Verily the knowledge of the Hour is with Allah (alone), He sends down the rain, and knows that which is in the wombs. No person knows what he will earn tomorrow, and no person knows in what land he will die. Verily, Allaah is All­Knower, All­Aware (of things).

(Quran Sura A’raaf 7:188) Allaah commanded our prophet Muhammad (PBUH), to declare to mankind thus:

Say: “I have no power over any good or harm to myself except as Allah wills. If I had knowledge of the unseen I should have multiplied all good and no evil should have touched me I am but a warner and a bringer of glad tidings to those who have faith”

(Quran Sura Al An’am 6:50)

Say (O Muhammad ): “I don’t tell you that with me are the treasures of Allâh, nor (that) I know the unseen; nor I tell you that I am an angel. I but follow what is revealed to me by inspiration.” say: “Are the blind and the one who sees equal? will you not then take thought?”

Now you know that even Prophet Muhammad had no access to the knowledge of future. Do you think you are better than him, and has a chance to know future? Whoever claims to know the future is attributing to himself/herself one of the attributes of Allah, i.e. The Knower of unseen and hidden things.

And the worst thing is: By trying to predict the future, people think they can prevent the destiny. In a way, they believe they have the ability to stop Allaah’s wishes/actions.

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Written by S Ibrahim

Feb 10, 2010 at 1:00 am

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