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33. Astrology

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The Arabic term Tanjeem comes from Najm (Star), and it refers to the field of star and planetary calculations. The three categories of Tanjeem are

  1. Astrological Causation: Humans, animals etc are influenced by heavenly bodies / stars. This belief is a Shirk. Started at least in 3rd milleniem BC in Greek. Horoscope (your marriage will last because your zodiac is xxx and her sign is yyy) is an example
  2. Muslim version: Same thing as above, but they add “By the will of Allah”. A form of entertainment in royal courts started in later Umayyad caliphs – court astrologers. Other forms include comedians, dancing girls, Hanafi scholar Vs Shafi scholar debates (Maliki madhab was in Hijaz) for intellectual entertainment of king, and a prize for winning scholar. There is a difference between saying Insha Allah after making a weather forecast, and saying it after predicting something using Zodiac signs. A shirk doesn’t become Halal by saying Bismillah or Insha Allaah
  3. Astronomy: Using stars & planetary formations for directions (e.g: North Star), determine seasons (in earlier times). This is a legitimate use.

What is the proof that Astronomy (#3) is acceptable?

(Quran Chapter 6. Al An’am ayat 97)

It is He who has set the stars for you, so that you may guide your course with their help through the darkness of the land and the sea…

Astrology is a branch of fortunetelling, and is not to be confused with Astronomy. Astrology destroys Tawheed Asma was-sifat of Allah, because you give the attributes of Allah to humans (knowing future) or to heavenly bodies. Please see the previous posts for proofs. I don’t want to repeat the verses & Hadeeths in every post. Here is one that is explicit:

Hadeeth of Ibn ‘Abbaas in which the Prophet(pbuh) said, “Whoever acquires knowledge of any branch of astrology, has acquired knowledge of a branch of magic.The more he increases in that knowledge, the more he increases in sin.” (Sunan Abu Dawood, Vol. 3,p. 1095,no. 3896)

Written by S Ibrahim

Feb 15, 2010 at 10:14 pm

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