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52. Seeing the Prophet Muhammad

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Long after the death of Prophet Muhammad (May Allah bless him & give him peace), some people claim to have seen the Prophet Muhammad in their dreams (Category #1), and some say they met him in person (Category #2)

Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) reports that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “He who saw me in a dream has certainly seen me, for Shaytan can not take my form” [Sahih al-Bukhari Vol 9  & Sahih Muslim Vol 4]

  • The hadeeth indicates that Satan can enter the dreams of human beings in various forms and invite them to misguidance
  • The hadeeth states that Satan cannot take the actual form or appearance of the Prophet (pbuh)
  • The hadeeth also confirms the fact that the Prophet’s (pbuh) form may be seen in dreams

Category #2: This hadeeth rejects the claim of those who say they saw him in waking state. This is heretical.

Category #1: It is true that Shaytan/Satan can’t take the form of Prophet, but it is possible for Satan to appear in the dreams of those unfamiliar with the Prophet’s (pbuh) appearance, and claim that he is Allah’s messenger. If you haven’t seen prophet when he lived, how can you be sure that it is really him, and not Satan?

Since the Prophet (pbuh) made the above statement about dreams to his companions, who were familiar with his appearance, it means that if one who knows EXACTLY WHAT THE PROPHET (PBUH) LOOKS LIKE, sees something fitting that description in a dream, he can be sure that Allah has blessed him with a vision of the Prophet (pbuh) [Imaam an Nawawee quotes al-Qaadee expressing this opinion. See Sahih Muslim Sharh an Nawawee vol. 8 p30].

After quoting the hadith on seeing the Prophet (pbuh) in a dream, Ibn Seereen was reported in Sahih al Bukhari as saying: “Only if he sees the Prophet (pbuh) in his actual form” [Bukhari vol.9, Number 122, Abu Dawood vol. 3]

Kulayb reported that once he told Ibn Abbas that he had seen the Prophet (pbuh) in a dream and Ibn Abbas asked him to describe whom he saw. When he mentioned that the figure looked like al Hasan ibn Alee, Ibn Abbas told him that he had in fact seen the Prophet (pbuh) [Fath al Baaree vol. 12]

There are a number of individuals who claim that they have seen the Prophet in dreams, and received special guidance from him.The religious innovations based on dreams are countless. Since the sharia (Islamic law) is complete, the claim that the Prophet (pbuh) has come in dreams with new additions must be false. Such a claim implies one of two things:

  • Either the Prophet (pbuh) did not fulfil his mission in his lifetime [he forgot to tell to the Sahabas and he is telling that to you now?], or
  • Allah was not aware of the future of the ummah, thus did not prescribe the necessary injunctions during the Prophet’s (pbuh) lifetime.

Both of these implications are expressions of disbelief which contradict the basic principles of Islam, i.e. the Prophet (pbuh) fulfilled his mission in his lifetime and Allah knows the future.

There are also claims on seeing Moosa, Eesa, Umar etc, Satan can take their form. Quite a lot of innovations originate from stories of dreams. Shariah is not based on people’s dreams. Shariah has completed. What does “perfected” mean, if it is not “Completed”? Allah says

(Quran Chapter 5. Al Maa-idah ayat 3)

… This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion…

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3 Responses

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  1. Brother, i am sorry to disagree with you on some parts of the dream thing you are claiming..

    the adhan came from a dream. Infact 2 person dreamed the same dreamed and they told Nabi and Nabi said that this must be a good sign so do as you have been told— and so it all started, the adhan


    Nov 8, 2010 at 1:06 am

    • Yes. Two companions had the same dream. This happened AFTER the Prophet asked the companions on how to invite people to the prayers. So, this topic (mode of announcing the prayer time) was INITIATED by the Prophet.

      Most importantly, it was the PROPHET WHO APPROVED IT. If i get a dream, or a pious person who lived 500 years had a dream of “a good act”, they don’t get any approval from the prophet. Islam has been perfected by Allah (Final Quranic verse revealed during the Hajj al-Wida) during the prophet’s time. If a thing is “Perfected” there is no improvement that can be made on it. Hope this clarifies.

      Seyed Ibrahim

      Nov 8, 2010 at 11:20 am

  2. It means that this hadyt is for the companions of our holy prophet SAW who had the honored to see our beloved prophet PBUH ,not for the people afterward because no one afterward has seen him’

    Masood jalal

    Sep 5, 2012 at 10:16 pm

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