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106. Some Verses on the Divine Attributes

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Please read the previous post ‘Questions on each of Allah’s attributes‘ first

Among the verses on the Attributes are the statements of Allaah:

All that is on earth will disappear, but the Face of your Lord, Full of Majesty and Honor, will remain [Surah Ar-Rahman]

The attribute of “Face” is among the essential attributes and it clearly confirmed by this verse whereby it is attributed directly to Allaah in a possessive construction. What is attributed to Allaah is either a thaat [something actually existing] or a meaning or concept (ma‘naa). The thaats can either exist by themselves as in the case of “Allaah’s camel” and “Allaah’s house” or they cannot as in the case of “Allaah’s face” or “Allaah’s hand”, etc.  i.e., faces and hands do not exist by themselves without an owner

“Instead, His two hands are spread out.” (5:64)

This is also a case of attribution of and existence which cannot exist by itself, and as such is one of Allaah’s attributes.

If you start to give new meanings without proofs from Qur’an or Hadeeths, you create greater confusion. The deviants claim that “face” means “reward”. How did you come to this conclusion? If “hand” is translated as “ability”, then does “two hands” mean “two abilities”?

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Written by S Ibrahim

Feb 12, 2011 at 2:55 pm

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