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152. Benefits of believing in Qadr

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1) It grants its believer the peace of mind and sense of relaxation to know, that which has befallen him, was never meant to pass him by and that which has passed him was never meant to befall him.

2) It gives its believer the will and determination to do righteous deeds and grants him the knowledge of the fact that nothing can harm him or stop him except that which Allah has willed

3) Teaches its believer not to be arrogant and vain, but rather to be modest and humble because he realizes that his actions are created by Allah and that such and such an event occurred, not because he was rich or was given beauty and good lineage but rather because it was the Will of Allah.

4) Teaches its believer to do as much as is in his capability and then leave the rest up to Allah, and then to be satisfied with the result as he did as much as his ability permitted him to do so.


Shaykh Al-‘Uthaymeen listed seven benefits of belief in Destiny:

1. It is from the completion of Eemaan (Faith), and Eemaan is incomplete without it.

2. It is from the completion of Eemaan in Tawheed ar-Ruboobiyyah, because Allaah’s destiny and predetermination are among His actions.

3. It involves humans referring their affairs to their Lord. Because humans know that everything is according to Allaah’s destiny, they will turn to Him in times of difficulty to repel and remove it from them, and they will attribute their times of good to Allaah and know that it is a favour from Him.

4. It allows humans to know their true status [in relationship to God] and to not be proud when they do good.

5. Calamities become easier to deal with when humans know that they are ultimately from Allah, as He said:

“Allah guides the heart of whoever believes in Him.” (Surah at-Taghaabun 64: 11)

6. Attribution of the worldly pleasures to their true source prevents their attribution to their immediate providers. When those who do not believe in Qadr seek the favors of worldly leaders and receive what they seek from them, they attribute it to the favors of the leaders and forget that it is basically from the favors of the Creator.

7. Humans come to know the wisdom of Allah through belief in Qadr. If they reflect on the creation and the incredible changes occurring in it, they become acquainted with Allaah’s wisdom. In contrast with those who do not believe in Qadr. They are unable to obtain this benefit.

Source: Sharh al-‘Aqeedah al-Waasitiyyah

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Written by S Ibrahim

Nov 8, 2011 at 7:00 am

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